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So I beg your indulgence. My looks are thoroughly average. What I have going for me, though, is charm — or charisma — or magnetism — or whatever you call it. I get along easy with just about everyone.
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This Matchmaking is the worst♥♥♥♥♥♥ever :: SMITE General Discussions

Castiel and Uriel's superior; Fallen Angel "It's time to think for yourself. With the combined forces of Heaven and Hell after her, she looks to take back her grace so she can protect herself. To be Castiel and Uriel's boss, she'd pretty much have to be this trope. Proven right when after turning back into an angel, she shows that she can kick major ass when she needs to and even becomes the first character to kill an angel onscreen. Despite a significant hit to her power and health from Time Travel that knocked Cas out cold, she manages to fight Dean and Mary on her own and seemed poised to defeat them and kill the Winchesters before being zapped off by Sam's angel-banishing sigil. Whether she is actually acting on Heaven's orders or not is a matter of debate among fans and has given rise to Epileptic Trees casting Anna as having truly escaped or convinced Heaven she was under their control to let her go, Michael as a Magnificent Bastard using Anna to set up a heroic meeting with Dean, or Naomi or another angel scheming to use Anna to kill Lucifer's vessel.
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My Goddess likes to consider herself a Goddess of Love, but Peorth is a love goddess in a more sexual sense. It is worth noting that Namekians are mono-gendered and reproduce asexually, which probably explains why it's the side-portfolio of a low-ranking high end wish-granter, rather than the central role of a major deity like for most human religions. Suzaku from Fushigi Yuugi is the God of Love.
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Original Sin is that many women play it. I never had any doubts about this because I saw my partner play D: OS for many hours. My feeling that many women play D:
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